Sem Rótulo

This is not a project per se.

It's lab, a business if you prefer.

My partner and I take turns on pretty much every single task, but, more often than not, I find myself as a graphic and experiential designer as well as leading our consumer facing efforts and campaigns, building sales decks and narratives and prospecting clients. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 15.13.05.png

This is where I spend most of my time and, concomitantly, where I bet all my chips.

Working with kids and teenagers, cliché aside, is where we learn and grow the most. 

Besides working with young audiences to facilitate their process of ideating and prototyping their ideas we also invest quite a bit of our time in building the creative scene of the small town where we are based on, called Leme, in the countryside of São Paulo. 


To achieve the latter goal we have build two projects that have, now, gained a life of their own.


The first one is called Manhã Sem Rótulo (No label morning), a monthly meeting that brings the community together to discuss urgent and relevant subjects. The goals is to give power to the crowd through information, networking, inspiration and, more importantly, through conversation and collaboration. It was deeply inspired by the Creative Mornings project.


The second one is called "29 de bom gosto" (the tasteful 29). The name references the date of city's birthday, August, 29th.  It is a day long fair that happens every August 29 to celebrate the local creative scene with 29 local creators (including musicians, chefs and artists, to name a few). 

//To get a better understanding of how the lab works, click here and check the website: (Portuguese only - for now)