// Done at: Coca-Cola Brasil

// Client: Coca-Cola

// My role: Experiential design, Digital production, the connection between both and consumer experience.

// Team involved. 
General project manager: Collin Brum
Production manager: Alex Mills
Visibility manager: Bernardo Bouças
Consumer Metrics manager: Steve Bunnell
Experiential design agency: SuperUber
Architects: Marko Brajovic
Production Agency: Dream Factory
Tech Partners: Facebook, MTV, Ubisoft and Microsoft
Photos: I hate flash

Long before the Olympic fire had even arrived in Rio, we learned a not-so-awesome truth: Teenagers aren't really into the Olympics.


And this can be a really big issue for a brand that targets so much this audience like Coca-Cola.

We were tasked to build a bridge between adolescents and Olympics and and invite them to look at it in a fresh new perspective. 

So here's a simpler a way to look at the task:
Step 1: Break the ice between Olympics and Teenagers.

Step 2: Offer a Coca-Cola Olympic experience that would make them want to explore, understand the magnitude of the event and share it on social media.

Step 3: Lastly and most important, make sure that everyone who went through the brand experience, specially teens, had a great time.

So here's a walk through all the attraction that I helped building there:

//Immersive room.
As consumers walked in, they were offered a 4d Coca-Cola experience, with surround sound, scents and a refreshing blow of cold air.

//360º photo with the official Olympic torch.


//Medals gallery:
The frist time ever consumers were able to take pictures interacting with the official medals of the games.


//Golden Room:




//Bear Faceswap:

//Factal lenses:

//Just Dance:
In this attraction, consumers had the opportunity to dance the Coca-Cola song while being coached by Anderson Varejão, the Brazilian Olympic Basketball player who plays in the NBA.


And here you can see a full recap with the key results: